Tanya's Hairdresser Themed Cake

"Hi Lucy, this is how the cake turned out that I came and got the stuff for this morning - I think it turned out ok for my first attempt at using that stuff. Thanks for the help will surely be back in the near future. cheers Tanya"

Karen's Giant Cupcake

"Hi Lucy! FINALLY I mastered the Wilton Gigantic cupcake tin! This was my second attempt cause the first one..........well it wasnt good! lol The tip I need to share is the oven needs to be on a very low temp......in my case I cooked the cake for 1 hour on 130 degrees. I rotated the tin about 4 times during the cooking process too! I kept things VERY SIMPLE and just made myself a patty cake paper and iced the top since it was just a practice run! The kids will road test the taste after school! lol"